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Typical applications of Trolleyponder technology

The following are applications that could use this universal technology packaged in the appropriate form and delivered at the right price.

Warehousing -
tracking of containers and pallets, stocktaking

Access control -
ability to read the identity of many people at the same time passing through doorways, tube station entrances, lift access and doorways.

Identifying capital goods -
Ability to read the identity of transponders mounted inside capital goods or packaging, when in the warehouse, transport system and even when passing through doorways for an asset tracking system

Caselots of low value consumer items -
Same system can be used for the producer, wholesale and retailer at case lot level of consumer goods for transferring via truck, checking in and out of warehouse.

Vehicles access control -
Ability to read many transponders without confusion, confusion that might be caused due to a single vehicle using different transponder systems for parking, toll and access control.

Containers labelling -
shipping, airfreighting and rail movement.

Courier parcels and documents -
remote identity, sorting, routing and track and trace information

Parcels and mail bags -
remote identity, routing, track and trace information

Airline baggage -
identifying, sorting and routing - not confused by the transponders that will be read from labelled goods within the luggage due to the use of RFID systems

Compact discs and video retailing and rental -
EAS, identifying and stock taking

Laundry for hospitals -
identity, sorting and routing after bulk washing

Washing machine load sensing -
setting optimum washing cycle based on items sensed by washing machine

Intelligent Buildings-
identifying, track and trace, locating - files, equipment, documents - associated with person carrying items past doorways - suitable for insurance industry/government records - controlling lighting and air conditioning in buildings after hours when minimal staff present.

Passport, driver license -
anti-counterfeiting, identifying

Manufacture -
labelling components for JIT manufacture, storing, routing, warehousing, identifying

Library books -
identifying, EAS, self service checkout/check-in, book location

Loyalty cards for retailing -
remote identification of client and association with database

Gaming chips -
identity, anti-counterfeiting

Pharmaceutical -
tracking controlled and restricted drugs, warehousing, manufacture date, identifying high value drugs

Labelling clothes and shoes -
identifying, stocktaking, size distribution, self service, EAS

Labelling tyres -
identifying, wear tracking, usage tracking, anti theft , stock control

Dismantling items -
for green legislation requiring the dismantling and sorting of old capital items, robot identification of parts and type of material

Labelling computer boards -
onboard identity, anti theft

Marking explosives -
identity, track and trace, anti-theft

Sports events -
timing marathon athletes, cyclists, model racing cars

Hospitals -
tracking patients, access control, preventing baby removal, patient location and identification

Penal systems -
House arrest - verification of presence

Marking hotel possessions -
remote identity of possessions in clients luggage

Bank notes -
anti-counterfeiting , accurate counting

Trees and plants -
labelling trees in forest for stock identification, plants in a nursery

Grocery retailing -
high speed scanning of baskets, trolleys and carts, stock-taking, EAS, goods receiving, - the ultimate application

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