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Datasheet - Passive transponder for tracking laptop, notebook and portable computers

Laptop tracking tag


Size 200 mm by 10 mm by 10 mm
Usage Glued to the outside of the laptop
Read range Can be read by Trolleyponder fixed reader, portable reader and RFID-radar
Read range with fixed reader is maximum 13 meters (ideal situation) and minimum read distance of 5 meters (worst case)
Operating frequency 868-870MHz(GSM)
Technology Passive RFID transponder with 100 year life
Operating frequency 868-870MHz(GSM)
Antenna gain 2.1dB
Polarisation Linear
Multiple transponder environment Up to 500 in the field
Packaging Polyoefin Rubber Flame retardant with good chemical and solvent resistance
Air protocol Trolleyponder®(RIST)
Programming Factory pre-programmed
Weight 20gm
Part number 8000-0900 @868-870MHz(GSM)
8000-0901 @900-930Mhz(US)
Manufacturer Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

Typical fitting
Typical attachment to laptop

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