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Datasheet - OEM Amplifier Module

OEM Amplifier module


This power amplifier module, with a receiver module, antennas and power supply - form the complete backscatter receiver for EcochipTag transponders.

The amplifier boosts the energiser signal from the receiver module using a linear amplifier to cause minimal sub-harmonics and interference.

Size 120mm by 100mm by 60mm
Operating frequency 860 - 930MHz
Operating power 24-28 volts 1.0 amps
RF Power output Maximum continuous 37dBm (4 to 5 watts)
Peak intermittent power 39dBm (7 watts)
RF Gain +30 dB
RF Connectors BNC socket
Part number 3000-0001 Normal
Manufacturer Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

OEM Connections module

Example of connection of OEM modules

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