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Provisional Datasheet - Portable UHF Reader

Portable monostatic UHF reader

Provisional Specifications

Size 200mm by 120mm by 80mm for reader
250mm by 250mm by 30mm for antenna
Connecting cable between reader and antenna = 900mm long
Weight 2.5 kg for reader and antenna complete
1.6kg for reader without antenna
0.9kg for antenna without reader
Operating frequency 860 - 930MHz software selectable
10kHz bandwidth
Antenna True Monostatic antenna system (Same antenna used for transmit and receive simultaneously for energising field and received signal which are at the same frequency)
8dBi linear patch antenna
Operating power Self contained Battery powered
Up to 60 minutes continuous transmit operation
Up to 11 hours active mode without transmitting
Up to 360 point and shoot readings per 11 hour period
Battery recharge time = 5 hours
Activation of transmit function via hand operated switch on antenna
NiMH Battery technology with inbuilt charger
Data output RS232 9600 baud
Multiple transponder environment Up to 500 simultaneous transponders in the field
Read rate Up to 70 per second
Air protocol Trolleyponder®(RIST)
Tag talks first type protocol
Proximity to other readers Two readers operating on a frequency just 100kHz apart can operate within 4 meters of each other
RF Power output Fixed by factory
Receiver sensitivity -64dBm (200 picoWatt)
Receiver dynamic range 54 dB
Connectors 9 pin connector for RS232
Charger connector for battery recharge
Read performance Up to 6 meters with 200uW creditcard sized Ecochiptags
Controls Single/Find mode
Transmit activation - on antenna
Displays Read LED linked to buzzer to give audible read indication
Power On Led
Battery low LED
Part number 6000-0001 220 volt recharge
6000-0101 110 volt recharge
Manufacturer Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

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Portable monostatic UHF reader

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