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Trolleyponder features

Trolleyponder is a protocol and electronic system design that can be packaged by different manufacturers in different ways to give products with varying performances. Below are typical performances that should be achievable using this technology.

Medium reading range -
Typically 4 to 6 meter reading ranges
Multiple articles -
400 items can be read at the same time with the extension to thousands if needed
Low power operation
EcoTag version uses very low power for transponder operation allowing good range of operation even in the low EU regulatory environment of 0.5watts ERP
Fast reading -
Due to the simplified nature of Trolleyponder protocol, this technology offers one of the fastest reading rates for high volume multiple transponder systems available.
Large number range -
The system allows for a very large range of possible identity numbers.(10e21). This range can be further extended using data compression techniques. The numbers are programmed into the read only memory by the user or when the transponders are attached to the goods to be identified.
Individual or batch numbering -
As the protocol does not make use of the number content to identify the transponder, either unique or common numbering can be used in the application.
Electronic Article Surveillance -
Tags can be repeatedly neutralised or reactivated on command for use with an integrated EAS system (anti-theft) at exit points along logistics chain (loading trucks, retail checkout). The EAS feature can also automatically reactivate after a predetermined time.
Simple structure -
The transponders comprise of only two electronic parts joined together, an integrated circuit and an antenna.
Low cost technology -
Transponders use a simple integrated circuit, using the cheap silicon technology that is widely available, have a small silicon area, simple design, wide tolerances and are attached to a simple antenna.
One chip fits all -
As the transponders have no tuned components on board, the same transponder chip can be used for different applications by fitting the appropriate antenna to the needs.
Passive -
The transponder receives its energy from the reader field, thereby not using a battery and so saving cost, increasing reliability and avoiding regulatory issues
Frequency agile -
The transponders contain no tuned circuits and use the backscatter modulation principle for communication, allowing the same transponder to be read by different readers operating at different frequencies, thereby making the transponder ideally suitable for International trade.
Three axis reading -
The limitation of RFID transponders to discrepancies in polarisation of the transponder and the reader are overcome in a unique feature that allows a three axis reader (XYZ) to read all the transponders while using only a single frequency.
Different antenna packaging -
The transponder will work with a number of different antenna configurations and shapes which can be tailor made to the specific applications.

(Note Performance achieved is dependant on design criteria to be chosen by licensees)

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