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Small and medium production systems

These systems now in use by users in 50 countries - including:-

South Africa, Australia, USA, France, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Austria,Norway, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, New Zealand, Portugal, China, Finland, Malaysia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Bulgaria, Greece, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Bahrain, Ireland, Philipines, India, Israel, Poland, Croatia,Colombia, Dominican Republic,Zimbabwe and others

Trolley Scan introduced their single chip version of their transponder systems in December 2003.

The Small system is a complete reader with 100 transponders.

The systems are supplied with one of two versions of their famous low power transponders - among the smallest, lowest power passive UHF transponders available anywhere in the world - and the super sensitive receiver capable of reading credit card sized transponders from 2 cms to 13 meters from the reader.The tags can also be attached to metal objects still giving full operating range.

  • Isocard sized tags
    The small "creditcard" sized (80mm by 35mm) Ecochiptagtm version that needs just
    • 200uW (two hundred microwatts) of RF energy to operate in countries that use the UHF spectrum for compatibility with the GSM cellphone network (such as Europe).
    • 200uW (two hundred microwatts) of RF energy for US, Canada and countries that use the US spectrum plan.

    These transponders offer operating ranges of up to 13 meters (even if attached to metal) depending on antenna, mounting and reader power.

  • Laundry Tag
    The laundry tag version comprising a thin wire antenna, 16 cms long with a single chip transponder, needing just 1 milliwatt of RF energy to operate. The wire can be nearly as thin as a human hair making it suitable for attaching to clothing and laundry for automating processing of clothing.
  • The Ecowoodtag version is made to be attached to wooden objects such as pallets or furniture. The wood forms part of the antenna giving good performance.
  • These transponders offer operating ranges of up to 9 meters depending on antenna, mounting and reader power.

    Trolley Scan have packaged the systems into a complete kit comprising a reader, antennas, cables and 100 transponders of your choice.

    Additional transponders can be purchased.

    Reader with patch antenna and cables

    Contents of kit
    The kit comprises a working reader and 100/1000 EcochipTag transponders of your choice. The reader is housed in a simple case and its incorporated power supplies are operated from AC mains (115volts - 240 volts). The reader plugs directly into a PC to display the received codes and connects 2 Patch antennas supplied with the kit.

    Components of the "Small system".

  • Reader system comprising
  • Reader housed in ABS (UL 94 HB) plastic case
  • Power amplifier capable of delivering 4 watts RF power controlled by external control
  • Connectors for receive and transmit antennas
  • Receiver for demodulating backscattered signals and implimenting Trolleyponder protocol.
  • Output via RS232 at 9600 baud to external PC.
  • Capable of reading multiple transponders in the field at the same time
  • Power supplies operate either on 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts.
  • Antenna systems
  • Two 8dBi Patch linear polarised antennas matched to 50 ohm.
  • Transponder modules
  • 100 Ecochiptag Creditcard sized or Laundry tags or Ecowoodtags operating in the EU or US frequency bands.
  • Cabling
  • RS232 cable to link reader to PC
  • Small system

    Cost of Small system as above with fixed reader - EURO1850 (approx US$2590) plus shipping and local taxes.

    A Portable version of the reader instead of the fixed version, is available for an additional EURO200

    Trolley Scan products are simple to interface and no special software is needed for operation in a basic form. Instructions are provided for users who are skilled in software development so that they can achieve full capabilities of this advanced technology. In addition Trolley Scan provide simple-to-use software modules so that users can interface equipment easily to the internet. See details

    Portable monostatic UHF reader

    Trolleyponder is a Tag-talks-first protocol which causes virtually no interference for other users in the vicinity, having interference levels nearly 1 million times less than the reader-talks-first type protocols. Two Trolleyponder readers can operate simultaneously within a few meters of each other using only 10kHz of bandwidth each. These features are important for applications that require many readers to operate within a building.

    (The system has no impact on or from Cell phones as it operates on different frequencies). The system is safe from a health point of view as the powers are much less than that experiences by users of cellphones

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