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The Supertag® developments

Supertag ® is the name given to a multiple article scanning low cost RFID technology developed to scan the contents of a trolley(cart) in a supermarket.

The registered trademark Supertag was owned by CSIR (South Africa) in 1994 and might since have been sold to another party. There is no connection between Trolley Scan and the ownership of the trademark Supertag.

Supertag technology was invented by Mike Marsh and his team while working for the South African Government funded research group named CSIR. Mike Marsh went on to start the private company Trolley Scan but was not allowed to use the Supertag technology, and so he invented the Trolleyponder technology.

This page gives some of the history of the development of Supertag while Mike Marsh worked at CSIR.

The Supertag Story. Explanation of the development of the systems.

A logic model of a transponder used to test design before manufacture of integrated chip

A model for testing the digital integrated circuit on a transponder

Our wooden trolley containing items with transponders and our 3 axis reader mounted in a frame

Single channel reader to process one axis of the reader system

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