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"How fast can Trolleyponder protocol scan 1000 items in a single scan?"

With a technology such as Trolleyponder, where the technology supports 4 to 6 meter reading ranges and multiple articles being present at the same time, an important feature of the design of the system is at what point do the number of goods being read simultaneously overload the protocol. In RFID systems that have a read range of only a few centimeters, very seldom could there be more than one tagged item in the reading zone at a time, and occasionally a few. In this situation the protocol can either not have any anticollision properties, or it can have fairly simple anticollision properties to cater for a few tags at a time.

When however the reading range increases to a few meters and the technology has been designed as a barcode replacement technology such as could be needed in a Supermarket to scan the items at Goods Receiving, in the stock holding areas, or at the checkout; the protocol needs to handle a large number of items at a time without overloading.

Another feature of an RFID scanning system needed for such an application, is its ability to read goods that are randomly orientated with regard to the preferred orientation of the reader. This term is called polarisation and is an important aspect in RFID as for certain polarisation discrepancies between the reader and the tag, no energy is transferrable between the tag and the reader or vice versa. Trolleyponder design and protocol has addressed this situation and provides full 3 dimensional scanning if needed.

The graph below is from the Trolleyponder Protocol simulator showing the ability of Trolleyponder protocol to scan 1000 items that are randomly orientated in a single scanning session, with no physical movement of the goods.

Read rates for scanning 1000 items with 3D orientation

In September 1998 Trolley Scan launched the "RETAIL INITIATIVE" which is aimed at working with the retailers, their preferred suppliers and the foundries to produce large volumes of low cost transponders specifically aimed at the retail market.
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