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"Waverider" self service checkout for baskets

Starting the software on the touch screen to begin the scanning.

The actual model

An RFID system such as the Trolleyponder system allows

  • Low cost, low power UHF transponders
  • Up to 500 transponders to be in the read zone at a time
  • 3D scanning of transponders to allow for all polarisation issues
  • Integrated EAS features to allow for an unmanned checkout complete with anti-shoplift(EAS) checking
  • Environmentally friendly use of the RF spectrum allowing many scanners to operate in close proximity
  • A numbering system that can be EPC, OR barcode, OR custom compatible
  • Although the system was designed around the Trolleyponder RFID system, the actual model as built did not use an RFID system due to lack of time as this was a limited project.

    Besides building the physical model to be compatible with the RFID system, Saira wrote the software to control the scanner and integrate the application into the management system of a small store.

    Tests were carried out with members of the public operating the system to get feedback on the machine/human interface.

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