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White paper on RFID spectrum use by different protocols

The UHF frequency band is ideal thanks to the laws of physics for RFID, giving good operating range and low manufacturing costs.

The UHF spectrum is crowded as this is also the ideal frequency for technologies such as cell phones and the like. Hence only small amounts of radio spectrum are available for use by RFID applications.

How the RFID protocols use that spectrum becomes very important as this is going to govern how many RFID users can operate in a close space.

Trolley Scan have built a number of different reader systems based on the different protocols and present a paper showing how spectrum use is impacted by the air protocol in use.

Whether you are an RF Expert or a novice, you will find this paper an interesting read.

To get a copy, Click here and we will email you the paper in PDF format.(450kbytes)

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