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Datapack contents

The datapack is used as the first stage in the technology transfer process.

The datapack weighs 4.7 kg and contains over 400 pages of technical information, circuit diagrams, and images. It is supplied in 2 volumes divided into 26 chapters.

Document issues
RFID basics
How does Trolleyponder work
Market info
System overview
Design choices
Design of transponder integrated circuit
RF antennas and matching
Design of reader
Multi-Axes scanning
Design of assembly machinery
Design of programmer
Circuit diagrams
Photographs and images
Industrialisation and commercialisation
Reader sample software listings
Measurements and mathematical models
Contact information
Appendix A Technical Reference
Appendix B Marketing Reference
Appendix C Examples of SOT-23 packages
Appendix D Databooks

Included is a software program to simulate Trolleyponder protocol for single axis and multiple axis scanning for user specified quantities of tags.

Trolley Scan have introduced another datapack just describing the EcoTag(TM) technology
for those wishing to use it with other UHF tags.

See Evaluation hardware also available

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