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Trolleyponder ®/EcoTag ®

Evaluation hardware available for manufacturers

Demo system comprising full reader, antennas and 100 Ecochiptags transponders(200 microwatt versions)

Image size 75K
Double sided through-hole plated silkscreened board of a Trolleyponder tag allowing evaluation of design functionality. (These parts will be minitaurised into a single 3 pin package which is the electronic component of a tag.

Image size 31K
Double sided through-hole plated silkscreened board of the receiver mixer, processor and glue logic. Added to this board to complete the reader is a power amplifier, antennas and power supply. The board includes a programmed microprocessor for decoding tag responses and providing an RS232 output to a computer.

Image size 14K
Power amplifier for operation in the 860-930MHz band

Image size 26K
Patch antenna suitable for use as a transmitter and receiver antenna for the reader band

Image size 27K
Standard dipole antenna including a 50 ohm match

Image size 3K
High efficiency probe detector for converting incoming power to a voltage. Matched to 50 ohms and can be calibrated using a signal generator.

Image size 44K
Combination of Standard dipole and probe to allow transmitter fields to be probed band

These components are available for purchase by licensed Trolleyponder manufacturers to speed up their evaluation and industrialisation.

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