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Staying in touch with developments

Press Releases
Current and past press releases from Trolley Scan announcing developments
Past Newsletters 
Current and past newsletters sent out by Trolley Scan to those wanting to follow developments. (approx 4500 companies)

RFID in the future retail systems

Retail Initiative
Special programme to get low cost transponders to retail stores for automated checkout
Branders self scanning checkouts for retailers
The future for RFID in retail applications. An unmanned self service checkout with EAS features
Waverider self scanning checkouts for baskets for retailers
The future for RFID in retail applications. For the small "mom & pop" store" - an unmanned self service checkout for baskets with EAS features
Track record in developing RFID for retailers
Details of the role Trolley Scan staff have played in making UHF RFID a true barcode replaement technology for automated retail applications.

Purchasing Trolleyponder/EcoTag systems

Small and medium system
Production system comprising reader, antennas cables and 100/1000 300 microwatt transponders allowing potential users to test application using actual transponders.

Features, applications and technical issues

The power enhancing technology that has dramatically changed the performance expectations of UHF RFID.
Besides offering long reading rasnges, up to 1000 multiple transponders in a zone at a time, fast reading rates, Trolleyponder has many features that make it the ideal RFID solution.
Trolleyponder technology is a one solution fits all technology. Listed are numerous applications which could benefit from this solution
Frequently Asked Questions
RFID is an emerging technology for many new users. Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.
Image gallery
Images of typical applications of low cost RFID
Technical articles
Answering some of the techical issues about UHF RFID
Designing RFID systems
Analysing the different functions that can be incorporated into the single transponder chip
Design philosophy
Issues that need to be addressed in designing an advanced UHF RFID system
Transponder sensitivity
An important criterea in the world of environmentally conscious users is the amount of power to operate the transponder - how is this measured and how is it achieved

Becoming a producer of UHF RFID systems

Datapack contents
Contents of technology transfer datatapack to companies wanting to produce this technology.
Becoming a high volume producer
Response form for those wanting to be sent information on producing this technology.
Trolleyponder/EcoTag technology is protected by a series of patents owned by Trolley Scan, who licence them to companies wanting to produce the technology.
Evaluation hardware
Details of hardware modules available to companies wanting to produce the technology to help with evaluation and technology transfer.

Trolley Scan

Pedigree & track record
Trolley Scan staff have played a major role in the development of low cost UHF RFID since 1990
Contact Information
How to contact Trolley Scan

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