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Trolleyponder patents

Trolley Scan's focus is in providing a versatile RFID technology that could be used as a cost effective barcode replacement technology with the eventual target market being the retail industry, but yet also addressing the higher value applications initially.

    This mission focuses the company on developing a very low cost versatile radio frequency identification technology. To achieve this the company has developed some fundemental theories for designing versatile low cost transponder systems. These developments have been patented and are being licensed to companies world wide that might wish to produce the technology.

    Trolley Scan have now filed the final versions of the Trolleyponder patents nominating 26 different countries in which protection has or might be saught. Many of these countries have already granted the patents while in others it is still in process

    Three patents currently form the basis of the Trolleyponder technology package.

  • The initial patent describes a very low cost transponder system and protocol that allows many transponders to use a single communication frequency to provide reliable read only data from large volumes of transponders in a volume using a very simple single chip solution. The transponders include EAS features and allow wide operating frequencies yet not needing any unique identification data within the transponder codes.
  • The second patent addresses the technology requirements to allow transponders to be read in situations where the transponders are randomly orientated and yet can be read with only a single operating frequency. This technology is relevant in the situations where goods that are labelled with transponders are stored randomly such as might happen with warehousing, mail sorting, library management, file management, airline luggage, and even in shopping trolleys.
  • The third patent covers EcoTag which is a technology that relates to the efficient conversion of RF energy to operating power for the transponders. In tests this technology allows RF power to be reduced to less than 2% of that needed for conventional systems with minimal loss in performance. This impacts the size and complexity of the readers as well as the operating range of the transponders. The technology also allows transponders to be made using ISO card sized antennas despite operating on UHF frequencies.

Trolleyponder, EcoTag and TinTag are the registered trademarks of Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd

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