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Becoming a Trolleyponder RFID high volume producer

Help supply the needs of about 3000 companies that have requested UHF RFID solutions

Trolleyponder RFID technology is a leading edge multiple article radio transponder technology that is targeted at being a viable cost effective replacement for barcoding technology.

Opportunities exist for companies that wish to supply this technology to their clients in high volumes to become producers of this technology.The technology is ideal for numerous market sectors in all regions in the world.

Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd are prepared to licence and transfer technology to companies that wish to become producers and suppliers of this technolog.

What is provided by Trolley Scan

Trolley Scan have developed a technology transfer datapack that allows companies to acquire the technology with a view to manufacturing the systems in high volumes. The technology datapack is to be used in conjunction with local consultants to adapt the technology to the licensees needs for production. Production can happen in specialised silicon foundries and assembly facilities whose services are available on contract. Trolley Scan have filed patent applications for novel aspects of the technology. Trolley Scan will licence companies that wish to become producers at a low royalty rate.

What is needed to become a producer

As Trolleyponder has been designed to use the special skills of silicon foundry designers whose services are available for hire, the technical skills needed by the licensee are more of a project management nature than leading edge RF expertise. Licensees would make use of local consultants to customise the technology to the licensees specific requirements, the services of semiconductor foundries to produce the chips, the services of packaging contractors to convert the chips into transponders, and the services of local electronic companies to produce the readers.

What companies would be interested in becoming producers

Companies that are currently supplying systems for logistic operations, stock management systems, manufacturing systems, animal tracking systems, library systems, forestry systems, anti-shoplifting systems, retail systems, and other systems where it is important for a computer to be able to positively identify a specific object close to a reader. Typically target companies would have been using barcoding technology in the past and would be interesting in developing a future generation technology to meet their clients needs.

What is the process to follow in becoming a producer

Information Brochure
Fill in the attached email application form
Fill in the Developer User Guide application
form requesting the licensing brochure
A licensing brochure will be posted to you together with confidentiality agreements. You will receive the passwords to join the Development Users Group so that you can monitor the latest information. The information in the Information brochure and the licensing brochure fully explain the requirements.
Order data pack
The purchase of the datapack is the first financial commitment that you make to the technology. It is specifically set to a low price, despite it containing more than 400 pages of information and weighing over 4.5 kilograms. The datapack transfers the technology to your company and allows your consultants to identify issues requiring customisation. The information can be provided to silicon foundries and assembly companies (including those listed in the Development Users Group) who can provide quotations to allow the development of business plans. Trolley Scan will also provide help via email and phone and will keep the datapack updated for three years. Contact potential clients to customise features they require into your product.

Convert option to licence
Finalise licencing arrangements with Trolley Scan at preferential royalty rate.

Link to email application form to start the ball rolling

Datapack contents

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