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From a Press release
At its 'Amnion 98' industrial design exhibition, held on the 30th November 1998, The Faculty of the Built Environment of the University of New South Wales in Australia showed its BRANDERS Point of Sale system based on RFID transponders.

The design features an attractive set of checkout aisles for retail outlets, checkout aisles that are targetted at the self service customer.

The aisles restrict the passage of the trolleys or baskets while their contents are scanned, transfer funds from the client's credit/debit card and then allow the passage of the trolley from the aisle.

By following up the aisle with an integrated long range EAS system,the retailer is assured that all the goods have been paid for.

This design, although a few years ahead of the RFID industry, shows the clear potential and increased client friendliness that can be offered by the next generation of marking systems.

The Trolleyponder RFID tagging system from Trolley Scan was used as the basis for the RFID performance, as it offers good range, fast reading rates, multiple article scanning, a full 3 dimensional scanning ability and long range EAS.

Notes from designers

'BRANDERS' Point of Sale (POS) system

Long queues and longer waiting time at the supermarket checkout are an unavoidable part of supermarket shopping using current technology. Queuing and long waits can make the customer feel negative about the outlet's service, efficiency, quality and reliability.

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'BRANDERS' is an innovative Point of Sale (POS) system designed to provide a more efficient, streamlined service to improve productivity and security at the 'front-end' of the store. This is made possible by new trolley/ basket scanning technology, which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) techniques to scan a trolley or basket full of groceries in a few seconds.

'BRANDERS' is fully automated, does not need an operator, or involve handling cash. Its features include: a three axis scanner to detect and identify (in any orientation) the transponder or tag attached to each item; electronic payment with smartcards or magnetic swipe cards; and Electronic Article Surveillance to protect the retailer from theft.

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The 'BRANDERS' flowing design makes the shopping task a more enjoyable experience and enhances the store-front image. It is designed with gentle curves and elliptical shapes to reflect a smooth flow of traffic, and make the checkout more approachable. Scanners and their components can be produced in the corporate colours or consistent with other corporate images or logos. The scanners are modular, thus, stores of any size can be catered for. Additional scanners can be added as business grows.

Branders was designed as a student project by Ms Le Tong at The University of New South Wales in Australia
Information of the system is available from Trolley Scan

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