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What is Trolleyponder technology

Trolleyponder technology is an implementation of Electric Field Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The Trolleyponder protocol allows many simple low cost transponders to be attached to items that are to be identified, and for a reader that is up to 6 meters away to quickly read all those identities accurately and provide either a local display or a computer compatible data stream with the identity information.

The transponders comprise of a simple electronic circuit connected to a simple antenna in a form suitable for the packaging requirements of the application. Although RFID systems are well known and widely used, the Trolleyponder protocol allows the handling of multiple objects at a time, medium range reading ranges, and uses a much simpler and therefore cheaper transponder circuit than was previously available.

The Trolleyponder system comprises a reader, many transponders (tags) and a unit for programming blank transponders.

By using radio techniques, the transponder and the reader do not need to be in line of site and the transponder can be mounted inside the goods to be identified. Additional features such as Electronic Article Surveillance properties (anti-theft) are also bundled into the protocol.

What is EcoTag technology

Trolleyponder technology includes patented features that allow the passive UHF RFID transponders to operate on extremely low power, just 0.5% of the industry standard. This allows it to operate over much greater ranges on much smaller reader energising fields meaning cheaper and simpler readers. (See EcoTag /(See Transponder sensitivity )

When is Trolleyponder/EcoTag technology avaliable

Trolleyponder/EcoTag technology is available in single chip versions which are being commercialised by Trolley Scan and its licensees of the Trolleyponder/EcoTag patents. Small system versions are available immediately from Trolley Scan

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