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The "Retail Initiative"

Developments to allow Trolleyponder to be used
in the Retail store

Trolley Scan's pivotal role in developing low cost RFID for retail stores

Trolleyponder technology is currently in the process of being industrialised by a number of parties. It is fast becoming a reality and in the next few months it will start to achieve a track record as a dependable, versatile, reliable and low cost RFID technology.

Trolleyponder was specifically designed to eventually be used in the retail environment. It has features that combine an identification system with good reading range properties ( say 5 meters), reading independent of polarisation (orientation of the goods), up to 1000 items at a time, ability to read tags inside the packaging, and anti shoplift features (EAS) included in the price. Trolleyponder also has a numbering system that allows goods to have the same identity number, (e.g such as with many items of the same product and size), or unique numbers as needed by the retailer.

Trolleyponder has application in the labelling of goods at case lot level, the labelling of high value items such as clothes or white goods or books or compact discs, the provision of advanced EAS features for labelled goods, and eventually the labeling of low cost goods at unit level where the scanning of the goods in the Supermarket Trolley can become a reality. Trolleyponder technology has application in the goods receiving areas of a retail store, the display area, the checkout zone and the security zones of the store.

As this is an emerging technology, there are some hurdles that need to be overcome before this technology becomes a reality in the retail environment. There are:

Although it is possible to produce Trolleyponder transponders for not much more than $0-10 at present, they have so many possible uses that higher value applications raise the market price to the point where it does not become viable for retail applications. The purpose of the RETAIL INITIATIVE is to work with those retaillers that wish to start integrating RFID into their systems, their preferred systems manufacturers and semiconductor foundries to develop and produce large volumes of lowcost Trolleyponder transponders for those specific retailers.

Companies who are retailers who are wanting to become leaders in RFID implimentation, or their preferred manufacturers can contact Trolley Scan via the form below.

Link to email application form to start the ball rolling

Recently an Industrial Design student in Australia has designed a completely self service checkout aisle where the customer scans the trolley, processes the financial transaction, and long range EAS features of the RFID tag provide assurance to the retail store owner. Trolleyponder technology was used as the basis for the design.



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